Scotch N' Games - Pokemon Go at a Glance.

It's hard to be alive and not hear, or read, about Pokemon Go right now. Your 10% battery notification most likely just went off, and now you have to go read some blogs on your laptop while your phone charges. 

Well, hopefully I can sate your appetite for Pokemon Go with some of the more bizarre headlines, stories, and incomprehensible facts about the record-shattering mobile app. 

Let's begin: 

  • While Google and Apple do not formally release app information like daily or total downloads, there are a number of sources that give a decent estimate, here are some crazy numbers: 
    • Over 10% of all Android devices in the US have installed Pokemon Go. 
    • More than 10 million users downloaded the app in Japan, the day it was released. 
    • Pokemon Go is estimated to have 21 million daily active users in the US alone. 
    • It is currently the top grossing game in the app store. 
  • Pokemon Go gets people outside, it also gets them to unexpected places:
    • Two Canadian teens accidentally crossed the Canada-US border, fully engrossed in the game. Border agents picked them up and contacted their mother. 
    • Two men fell off a cliff in San Diego. Lifeguards contacted emergency services, after they found one man unconscious about 50 feet down the cliff, and another man at the bottom of the cliff on the beach.  
    • A man in Michigan found an intoxicated, unconscious woman, behind the wheel of her still moving vehicle. 
    • At least 3 bodies have been found across the US due to people coming across them whilst playing the game. (Wyoming, California, and New Hampshire)
  • The financials, so far: 
    • Nintendo saw its stock value double after the release of Pokemon Go - there's just one hitch - they only own 32% of The Pokemon Company. Niantic Labs, and The Pokemon Company allied for the creation of the app. Today (July 25th), Nintendo's shares plummeted by 17% (a cozy value of $6.4 billion dollars) as the realization that they won't be making nearly as much money from the app set in among traders and stock holders.
    • Pokemon Go is currently grossing roughly four times as much money as its top contenders: Slither, and Clash of Clans.
    • Nintendo produced the Pokemon Go Plus, a bluetooth device that allows you to play the game without pulling out your phone. Its MSRP is $35, however all pre-orders are completely sold out, leading to some astonishing E-Bay sales of the product (pre-order!). Most sales are between $100-200. 

Ok, your battery is probably sufficiently charged to challenge a gym, or just get out for a stroll - please look both ways before walking off a cliff.