Scotch N' Games' Favourite Whiskies of 2015

Hello Scotch N' Gamers! 

Welcome to our next definitive list, the SnG best o' 2015! We're celebrating Robbie Burns' day in style, recording our voices as they get raspier by the dram. So to help you wash down that chunk o' haggis, here are the top scotches from Will and Graham: 

Will has a hard time deciding what he considers "the best," so he chose three, again. 

The first, and probably the main scotch he thinks about is the Lagavulin 16yr. This peated scotch is the definition of good whisky. On the eyes it's a deep reddish colour, with an inoffensive scent. It drinks exceptionally well with a rounded and complex flavour profile. It does ring it at a slightly expensive $120-130¹, but well worth the money if you can spare it, or decide to treat yourself.

Will's second choice is quite the opposite to the Lagavulin. He's been going back to his liquor cabinet for late night drams of Aultmore of the Foggy Moss. This sweet scotch has barely any smokiness, so presents a different flavour profile than the Lagavulin. It also costs less money! Sitting at around $80, the Aultmore is a great buy, especially for someone who is averse to the often overpowering peatiness of many scotches. 

Will's last choice is the Newmake scotch a friend of his made. This is a bit of a cheaty-face selection, as it's unavailable basically everywhere except the friend's basement. But Will thought that this whisky was undeniably cool, and wins a place in his top scotches of 2015. Unfortunately for the common people, it cannot be purchased, but he does recommend that everyone try their own hand at aging some Newmake! Slàinte!

Graham follows suite with another three favourites! His list includes the nostalgic Ballantine's Finest, his Scottish Grandfather's drink of choice. Ballantine's is an everyday man's whisky, nothing exuberant, but rather a solid companion for a cold night. Ringing in at an inexpensive $26 this is a Scotch that will get the job done.

Graham's second drink of choice was the light-bodied Oban 14yr. A very pleasant and well balanced scotch, the Oban boasts a beautifully sweet honey flavour, and a slight peatiness on the finish. The Oban costs a not-astonishing $110, which puts in the middle of the pack price-wise, and is well worth the money spent. A high recommendation from one of the best scotch reviewers on Scotch N' Games!

Well check this out! Will and Graham barely agree on favourite games, but for once they decided that they both really enjoyed the same whisky! Graham's third pick is also the Newmake Scotch. The adventure and potential danger of going blind has got Graham all excited to name this one of his top three whiskies of 2015. 

¹: All prices are reflective of those in Toronto.